Our Virtual Studio is the perfect way to encourage your fans to engage with your brand in a fun and interactive way, while motivating them to share your message online.



We understand the importance of brand awareness and our entire line of interactive studios has been designed to be a complete emulsion of your brand from start to finish.

Quantifiable Results

Intuitive analytics illustrating approximate social media impressions & views plus general customer usage demographics. Also, user entered data for future marketing.


A rapid burst of photos, stitched together to form a short, fun & engaging video GIF looping from beginning to end and back again. Available directly through your link or QR code.

Animated GIF

Animated GIF borders to add more fun with your brand. Maybe a bus rolling by, or words flashing, snow falling, etc. Available directly through your link or QR code.


Bring your message together one photo at a time in an online, digital mosaic, truly illustrating that each client or guest is an irreplaceable piece to your company, product or vision.

Social Media

We create content designed specifically around social sharing appeal to help raise online awareness around your brand or event.


Designed to extend your branding to clients long after your event. This is a web portal where sessions can be viewed, shared to social media or downloaded.

Contest Mode/Coupon

Encourage repeat customers and entice social media shares by including a fun "scratch & win" coupon/contest mode following each session.


Want to place your clients somewhere virtually? Maybe in a stadium, in a specific city? Or where ever else you have in mind, we can help you with this too.

Animated  Frame Overlays

AI Background Removal

Scratch & Win Contest Mode


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