The "magic" of our photo mirror is created with interactive animations between each action to guide your guests through the experience from beginning to end.



We understand the importance of brand awareness and our entire line of interactive studios has been designed to be a complete emulsion of your brand from start to finish.


Though Digital is the delivery method most guests desire, sometimes a print in-hand is needed to extend a message or to deliver the right amount of wow around your brand.


Your customers want their session available in a digital format optimized for fast and compatible social media sharing. We deliver exactly this.

Roaming Kiosk

A unique addition designed to bring the photo experience directly to your guest, whether they're poolside, standing in line, backstage, in a crowd or anywhere.

Social Media

We create content designed specifically around social sharing appeal to help raise online awareness around your brand or event.

Custom Signs

Delivering a hands-on interaction with your message or brand, our hand-held signs allow your guests to show their support for your company by showing you off in their photos.

Step & Repeat

We deliver only the most premium of step & repeat and customer graphic backdrops, printed on durable stretched fabric and designed to eliminate wrinkles and glare.


Our hosts are professional and fun, with just enough geekiness to ensure all the devices required to keep your activation running smoothly do their job.


Through years in the industry, we have been honored to work with the most amazing and approachable models in Las Vegas. Though not in our employ, we're happy to put you in touch.


If you're looking for anything not listed, just let us know. We offer far too much to list it all here and if we don't have it, we typically know a guy who knows a guy...


Of course, you can count on Sb Interactive Photo Studios to complete your studio set up, whether assembly is required 2 hours before your event or 24.

Sb Interactive Photo Studios is a leader in creating state-of-the-art, engaging experiences for your clients & guests, designed to entertain while fostering loyalty and awareness around your brand.


Sb Interactive has had the unspeakable pleasure to partner with some of the most amazing brands in the world. Here are just a few...