Model X Event

Sb Interactive was honored to be part of Tesla's Model X launch and was tasked with the challenge of creating a custom photo kiosk within the car itself, which would allow guests to have the unique experience of using the Model X as the photo environment. The kiosk beautifully complimented the automobile's interior and also had the advantage of revolving to capture attendees in any seat they chose to sit in. Guests were then able to share the branded images to social media to assist in creating a buzz around this event.   

For this activation, we featured:

  • Kiosk Style:  Custom
  • Studio Options: Digital Photos
  • Additional Options: Microsite & analytics


Numbers from the Digital Photo Studio
- Number of Days: One
- Total Number of Hours: Two
- Total Sessions: 74
- Total Emails Collected: 68
- Total Social Media Reach: 7,685
- Total Social Media Impressions: 24,711

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