Our Mosaic Wall is a real show stopper. This is an experience that guests or attendees will want to be a part of, want to share one line and will tell others about. Because the mosaic wall is built one photo at a time over the course of your event, attendees will continually return to check its progress, take photos of the progress and also post their photos all over the internet. 

How does it work? Guests snap a photo at your event either at a photo kiosk or with their own phones using your hashtag. We use advanced technology and algorithms to color match and add additional overlays to each image before printing them to a sticker. Then, either our host or your guest can place the image to our board to become part of the mosaic. Building your message from your guest's experiences in real-time. 

This can be done over the course of a few hours, a few days or spread over several locations. A perfect interactive opportunity for Las Vegas music festivals, casinos or maybe a 2 week campaign at a mall, your retail location or other space allowing your customers to create your logo to emphasize that they are each part of your community. Your customers don't even need to be on site to post their image to social media using your hashtag. Once complete, the mosaic work of art is yours to display as you wish. 

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