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Enough with the branded pens and stress balls already!
Provide your clients with a branded takeaway that's personal, fun and doesn't hit the garbage bin minutes after they leave your booth. In fact, there's a great chance that they will not only keep it for years (sometimes a lifetime), but they will also willingly display and share it with their friends, family, and coworkers.
Time to take this ting viral!
If you're building exposure through a branded social media campaign, energize your results with a solution that encourages guests to spread your message (and brand) all over social media. Whether it's a digital image, motion green screen or a classic Boomerang, interactive and sharable media demands social interaction!
Maximize your social media marketing!
Why pay for social media ads that will be buried in the sidebar with all the other ads when you can have your customers post them for you? Better, they'll be posting them directly to their own feeds! What's more effective than social media ads? Right! Word of mouth, personal recommendations from one friend to another via a social media feed post. Did I mention detailed analytics to easily track how your customers are sharing? Yeah, there's that too.