Promote Engagement.

Through a marketing solution that encourages social interaction, promotes a fun environment and helps to foster brand loyalty.

Instant Sharing.

Share instantly to a variety of social media platforms allowing your guests to trumpet their support for your business, creating unique & powerful word of mouth advertising. 

Going Viral.

No social media marketing is more effective than genuine posts from friends demonstrating authentic peer approval.
The PEW Research Center reports that social media interaction skyrockets when posts include photos and video.

Interactive Options..

Whether your marketing campaign calls for digital photos, GIFs, Boomerangs, or all three, we have you covered. 

Complete Customization.

We can help you customize your guests entire experience. From the moment they see the photo kiosk in your business, to the on-screen interaction, the email or text delivery of the photo and of course, how potential future clients see the shared image on social media. We can even include coupons with the photo delivery, create contests, make custom digital props that include your branding. The possibilities are endless...

Detailed Analytics.

You can already see your customers loving the photo kiosk by taking photos and sharing them, but what about the marketing & social reach? Not to worry. We'll provide you with detailed analytics each month so you can see how often the kiosk is being used, how your customers are sharing their media, and most importantly, how many potential future clients are seeing the posts. 

How will your customers share their experience at your business with their hundreds of followers?!

Whatever your business is, it's likely that the best way to advertise is by having your current customers tell all their friends and family that you're the bee's knees through social media and sharing those posts with photos and animated GIFs.

We want to help your clients spread the word for you.

If you're looking for Short-Term Leasing (1-30 days) for a trade show or expo, etc, please look at our "Host-Less Studio" option. 


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