The Sb Interactive Permanent Photo Kiosk is a perfect solution to encourage guest engagement with digital photo strips, GIFs or Boomerang experiences, all easily shared online to help you create a social buzz around your brand.

All sessions will be uploaded to your branded online gallery, enabling all social media shares to be tracked with comprehensive analytics. Along with your monthly analytics, we'll also send you an email list of everyone who shared photos for your future marketing campaigns!

Arguably the most cost effective and powerful marketing is peer approval and word of mouth
Sb Interactive has the ability to help you tap into this valuable strategy by encouraging the clients you already have to share their experience on social media to their hundreds and hundreds of friends. (According to a report published by the PEW Research Center, each user has an average number of 338 friends or followers per social media platform!)
More, studies show that posts with a photo attached receive a substantial increase in engagement, likes and shares and the numbers continue to grow with video (boomerang for example).

The Math:

How much does your current marketing cost to reach new people?
For as little as $25 per day, let's explore some realist number of potential reach.
The numbers below are based on the average person having 338 followers and only 30% of those followers seeing your customer's post. Fair, right? 

  • One person per day uses the booth. Your monthly social media reach will be 3,042 ($.25 each)
  • Five people per day use the booth. Your monthly social media reach will be 15,210 ($0.05 each)
  • Ten people per day use the booth. Your monthly social media reach will be 30,420 ($0.02 each)
  • Twenty-five people per day use the booth. Your monthly social media reach will be 76,050 ($.01 each)

And remember, this isn't just random social media reach, this is word of mouth. Each person that uses the booth in your establishment is literally telling all their friends and family that they use and trust your brand!

We don't know how many customers you have per day so we can't speculate where you fall on this chart, but wherever it is, I'm sure you can see the value. With just ten guest's per day using the booth you'll reach over thirty thousand people on social media on a conservative scale! That's #INSANE

So you decide, what's it worth to you for your customers to share that amazing new sandwich to all their friends? Or their new hair style or make over? Maybe they'll be sharing their results from today's workout or the new craft beer they discovered? Maybe they just want their friends and family to know they're in Vegas baby! or that they said "Yes to the Dress!", just got a fab new piece of jewelry, or hit the jackpot!! or entered your photo booth contest! You get the idea.
Whatever your business is, it's very likely that the very best way to advertise is by having your current customers tell all their friends and family that you're the bees knees through social media. We want to help your clients spread the word for you.